Experience report: Migrating from self-deployed to CockroachDB dedicated

FortiSASE is a cloud-based security service that had been using CockroachDB's open source, self-hosted offering. However, as service grows, the embedded database has many challenges keeping up with the demands of scalability, security, and reliability.

Migrating from self-hosted, open source CockroachDB to managed CockroachDB cloud provides a fully managed, scalable, and highly available database service, allowing us to focus on the FortiSASE service and not worry about the underlying database infrastructure.

With CockroachDB service engineer engagement, we carefully planned, tested, and migrated our development/staging/production environment in a very short window with very minimum application code change.

We'll go over some of the details on migration and optimization we've accomplished with the CockroachDB service team in this talk.

Location Name
Tribeca 360 - Main Stage