Resilient evolution: A modernization and simplification journey with CockroachDB
Description serves a vast global customer base, processing millions of transactions daily. Our commitment to providing value and exceptional experiences is at the core of what we do.

The Order Platform is central to how we handle transactions, storage, and retrieval for all our products. As we embrace the Connected Trip vision, modernizing our technology is a key factor that can influence our success. Our goal was to empower's systems with more features while simplifying the Order Platform and its ecosystem. Traditional relational databases, key-value stores, and document stores often introduce complexities as data scales and usage patterns evolve. Addressing downtime and data inconsistencies can be a daunting task, potentially affecting customer experience negatively. That's why we sought a robust database technology that could offer greater resiliency, built-in transactional support, and streamlined operations.

In this presentation, we'll share the rationale behind our decision to adopt CockroachDB for our modernization journey and how it's helping us achieve our goals of resilience and simplicity. We'll touch on where we currently stand in this process and share the challenges we faced and the lessons we learned along the way.

Location Name
Tribeca 360 - Main Stage