Human-first: How businesses can build better, more resilient tech

Business can’t ignore the need for digitization, and humanity can’t ignore the need for purpose and meaning. The best and ultimately most successful approach towards marrying humanity and technology is one that starts with strategic purpose, uses ongoing data and results to improve, and achieves sustainable business success. What’s more, the benefits go beyond a sense of future-readiness. It’s now-readiness. This work aligns the entire organization, offers efficiencies, clarifies priorities, uncovers inconsistencies that hold back growth, simplifies decision-making, and puts resources where they matter most. It’s the surest way to a better, data-guided, future-ready company.

Companies like Google, Etsy, Cisco, and more look to Kate O'Neill, the "Tech Humanist," for optimism about the role of technology in the world, along with a firm reality check. She helps humanity prepare for an increasingly tech-driven future by guiding business and civic leaders to be both successful and respectful with human-centric data and technology, and by helping people better understand the human impact of emerging technologies.

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Tribeca 360 - Main Stage