Day 0 - September 19, 2022
4:30pm - 7:00pm
Registration (11th Floor)
5:00 pm-7:00 pm
Welcome reception (12th Floor)
Day 1 - September 20, 2022
8:00 am
Registration Opens (11th Floor)
8:00 am
Breakfast (12th Floor)
8:00 am
  • Jim Walker, Principal Product Evangelist; Cockroach Labs
Welcome Notes + Introductions (11th Floor)
9:00 am
Keynote: Cockroach Labs: State of the Database (11th Floor)
Cockroach Labs has innovated and transformed the relational database into a cloud native standard. But there is much more ahead and Spencer will outline a vision for the future of the company, the database and data over the next few years.
9:45 am
  • Brett Manning; JP Morgan Chase Bank
  • Todd Schmitter; Executive Director and Distinguished Engineer, Consumer, Business Banking, and Core Banking Technology
Using CockroachDB at scale within JP Morgan Chase Bank (11th Floor)
Two years ago, the JP Morgan Chase Bank team nominated CockroachDB to their Hall of Innovation. Today, the usage of the database in the bank is spreading and numerous workloads are in production. Please join this talk as they will walk through their use of CockroachDB and how they think about public cloud services.
10:15 AM
Our Journey with CockroachDB at Netflix (11th Floor)
The use of CockroachDB has expanded across many workloads and the Netflix team will walk through some of these and provide some key learnings and best practices that they have accrued over the last few years using the database.
10:35 AM
11:05 AM
  • Tim Veil, VP Sales Engineering; Cockroach Labs
Keynote: Cloud Databases and You (11th Floor)
Tim and his team have interacted with thousands of database experts including many of you in the room. In this session, he will share the common insights and patterns he has seen emerge over the past few years with those that are heading down the path of Distributed SQL and distributed systems.
11:25 AM
Betting transactions on CockroachDB at Hard Rock Digital (11th Floor)
Building an online gaming platform requires a fairly complex web of technologies and in this presentation, James will walk through the value of using CockroachDB as the system of record for consistent and real time transactions within Hard Rock Digital.
11:45 AM
LUNCH (12th Floor)
1:00 PM
  • Jack Chi, Senior Infrastructure Engineer; Iterable
CockroachDB in use at Iterable (11th Floor)
The Iterable team will walk through their use of Cockroach and provide valuable insight into their challenges as well as some best practices.
1:00 PM
The Architecture of CockroachDB: An Engineering Panel (12th Floor)
Our development teams push the envelope of software engineering every day and are experts in distributed systems and databases. Ben Darnell, our Chief Architect & Co-Founder will walk through the architecture of CockroachDB, talk through the design decisions we have made and will host a panel of our senior engineers to talk through some deeper technical concepts.
1:20 PM
  • Dan Hertz, Manager Platform;
Finding and protecting data with and CockroachDB (11th Floor)
Nightfall delivers a modern approach to discover, classify, and protect data across distributed compute and storage. It is not a simple process. The team uses CockroachDB for a few workloads in their application and Dan will walk through these during this session.
1:40 PM
Using CockroachDB as Saas metadata layer at Starburst Data (11th Floor)
Starburst is driving the next generation of data analytics in the cloud. David Phillips, CTO of Starburst Data will walk through how their team uses CockroachDB as a metadata layer for their Saas offering and will provide valuable insight into their challenges as well as some best practices.
2:00 PM
Identity Management with Authzed and CockroachDB (11th Floor)
Identity management across distributed systems presents a challenge for many and the Authzed team is driving a next-gen approach to delivering this key concept. In this talk, Jake will walk through their use of CockroachDB as a system of record for their cloud offering. He will provide valuable insight into their challenges as well as some best practices.
2:20 PM
A discussion about CockroachDB best practices (11th Floor)
The previous presenters will join our panel to have a discussion about best practices and to answer questions from the audience.
2:40 PM
Partner Panel: The role of open source databases in modern infrastructure (11th Floor)
3:40 pm
CockroachDB in use at Shipt (11th Floor)
The Shipt team will walk through their use of Cockroach and provide valuable insight into their challenges as well as some best practices
4:00 pm
Devsisters: Uptime as a core requirement for online games (11th Floor)
Devsisters is an online gaming company that is faced with some of the most stringent reliability problems. The game simply can’t fail. CockroachDB is a critical part of this highly resilient tech stack and ChangWon will speak to their experience scaling their game without downtime.
4:30 pm
The future of data - an industry analyst panel (11th Floor)
Jim and a panel of distinguished analysts will talk through the current state of tooling and get insight into what the future might bring.
Sponsored After Party Offsite
SPIN New York
48 E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010
Day 2 - September 21, 2022
8:00 am
Registration Opens (11th Floor)
8:00 am
Breakfast (12th Floor)
9:00 am
  • Jim Walker, Principal Product Evangelist; Cockroach Labs
Morning welcome (11th Floor)
9:05 am
Keynote: A vision of serverless and beyond (11th Floor)
Nate Stewart, CPO, leads our product team and is defining the future of what CockroachDB will be. He and his team have a maniacal focus on listening to customers so that we can deliver the product you need. In this session, Nate will provide a high level roadmap for CockroachDB over the next few years.
9:25 AM
  • Andy Kimball, Senior Director, Engineering; Cockroach Labs
  • Emily Horing, Senior Product Manager; Cockroach Labs
How we built a serverless database (11th Floor)
A few years ago, we took a step back and investigated just how we could deliver a “serverless” version of our database. His vision is defining the future of what a database will look like in the cloud and in this session, he will walk through our design process and outline the future of what serverless brings to you, our customers
9:45 AM
Scaling transactions in CockroachDB at DoorDash (11th Floor)
DoorDash has been using CockroachDB as their transactional system of record since mid 2020 and they have expanded their use over time. In this talk, Karthik Katooru from DoorDash will join Sean Chittendon (ex DoorDash), from the Engineering team at Cockroach Labs to walk through their use of CockroachDB and how they deliver it as a service to their internal teams.
10:15 AM
10:30 AM
Product Team Roadmap Speed Rounds (11th Floor)
Where are we headed? What features should you expect over the next year? In this session, our Group Product Managers will present a speed round deep dive into an immediate roadmap for our managed service, serverless, SQL, operations and the core database. We will also hold a final panel for QA so bring your feature requests!
12:00 PM
LUNCH (12th Floor)
1:00 PM
How we built the CockroachDB cloud service (11th Floor)
Building the next generation cloud database is one thing. Providing this as a service is a wholly other task and in this session we will walk through the pitfalls and wins we encountered on our way to launching our managed service and some of the things we’ve learned running it in production for thousands of clusters
1:30 PM
Unlocking analytical use cases with CDC at Netflix (11th Floor)
The Netflix team will walk through their use of CockroachDB and provide valuable insight into their challenges as well as some best practices
1:50 PM
CockroachDB in use at Twitter (11th Floor)
Jigar from Twitter team will walk through how they use of CockroachDB and provide valuable insight into their challenges as well as some best practices
2:10 PM
2:30 PM
Deep Dive: Security Pillars in CockroachDB (12th Floor)
There is a wealth of security features in CockroachDB and the product team will walk through what they are and how they are used in production. This will be an interactive session, so bring your questions.
2:30 PM
  • Adam Storm, Senior Director of Engineering; Cockroach Labs
Deep Dive: Migrations on to CockroachDB (11th Floor)
Many look to migrate from a legacy database to CockroachDB. This migration path introduces some new items to investigate and consider. In this session, we will walk through four key items to consider in every migration, primary key choice, UUID, stored procedures and the effects of geo-partitioning goals.
3:00 PM
Deep Dive: Integrate CockroachDB w/ the rest of your data architecture (11th Floor)
Integrating CockroachDB with all the other tools in your data architecture is typically accomplished using our native Change Data Capture (CDC) features. There are a variety of ways in which you can connect and use changefeeds. Whether it is a data warehouse or a streaming analytics service, Abbey will walk through a “how to” for CDC.
3:00 PM
Deep Dive: Workload Health & Query Insights (12th Floor)
Query performance has long been a key focus as we look to identify bottlenecks or wasted cycles in our databases. CockroachDB provides a suite of tooling that allows you to inspect and troubleshoot your queries and we will walk through these in this session and provide real examples and best practices for using them.
3:30 PM
DeepDive: Using the CockroachDB API - Integrations (12th Floor)
Recently, we built and released an administrative API that allows you to control a managed instance of CockroachDB. This new set of features is allowing many to integrate CockroachDb into automated workflows and gain better control over their managed environment. We will walk through the API and show some best practices that have emerged.
3:30 PM
Deep Dive: High Availability, Low-latency, and Data-Domiciling through multi-region (11th Floor)
Deploying CockroachDB across multiple regions allows you to survive failures or geo-locate data close to where it’s needed, depending on your survival and latency goals. This will be a deep dive into how to configure CockroachDB to meet the survival and latency goals for your data.
4:00 PM
4:30 PM
Cockroach Labs Executive Town Hall (11th Floor)
We will end the conference with a “town hall” open panel session with CEO, Spencer Kimball and CPO, Nate Stewart. This is your chance to ask these key executives questions about our vision, our approach and anything else you may want to know.
5:10 PM
  • Jim Walker, Principal Product Evangelist; Cockroach Labs
A collection of CockroachDB best practices (11th Floor)
Over the course of the past two days, we have collected a set of key takeaways and best practices that you can take back to your peers to level up your use of CockroachDB. In this session we will summarize and deliver them to you.
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